Have you experienced these symptoms
over the last few years?
  • A loss of the fear of death
  • You are more spiritual and less religious
  • You are better at seeing the "big" picture and struggle with details
  • You struggle with bouts of depression even if you're not the kind of person who "gets depressed"
  • You have lost your sense of time and time seems to be speeding up
  • You are more generous and giving
  • You understand what LOVE is but struggle in your relationships
  • You feel less competitive
  • You are convinced that you have a life purpose
  • You have a heightened sense of taste, touch, texture and smell
  • You have increase intuition and déjà vu
  • You have a childlike sense of wonder and joy
  • You are hungry for knowledge
  • You think more expansively and less linearly
  • You don't have to always have an "answer" and are satisfied with the "unknown"
  • You feel more creative and inventive
  • You are more sensitive to light and sound
  • You have energy surges
  • You look or feel younger
  • You are more sensitive to chemicals
  • You are sensitive to other peoples "vibes"
  • Your sensory perception has changed and expanded
  • You are excited about the future even if things seem really grim right now
  • People say you are "unrealistic" and you don't care
  • You have a deep longing to connect with like-minded individuals
If so, you may be experiencing the symptoms of ascension...a shift in consciousness.
The experience of ascension or shifting your energetic frequency can be a very challenging, especially if you are still mastering the tools to help you manage the changes in your energy.
Many of us who are shifting, experience dramatic changes in our lives such as financial struggles, divorce or loss of significant relationships, changes in our health and wellness, living circumstances and more.  All of these major changes are an important part of your evolution, but when you are lost in the middle of it, it's easy to lose your way.
Each evolutionary step tends to re-trigger old belief systems and sometimes even stir up new ones.  We need to experience these beliefs so that we can reclaim our personal power from them and root ourselves more deeply in our understanding that we are unlimited Divine Creative Beings who are abundant by nature and design.
Now, more than ever, we need to come together to support each other, master strategies to navigate change and work to hold a united vision of the New World we wish to create.
As we deepen our awareness and grow in consciousness, it is vital that we continue to release old beliefs and gently move into new belief systems that support our power to co-create an era of sustainable abundance and peace.
Hi!  My name is Karen Curry.  I have been working with people experiencing “shift” for over 20 years.  I started as a Parent Education and Child Development Specialist working with Indigo Children.  I’ve worked as a professional intuitive and medium in Sedona, Arizona and on the phone for the last 9 years.  I have also served as a Life Coach, Human Design Teacher, LIghtworker Business Consultant, Prosperity Coach, Author and am the founder of Indigo Heart Publishing, a publishing company dedicated to helping Lightworkers publish and share their message.
Over the last few years, through helping others, I have watched my students, my clients, my friends and, of course, myself, go through many stages in consciousness evolution.  As we have collectively evolved, our need for information and support has changed.  As an author and a teacher, I have done my best to try to keep up with the needs of an evolving planet.
Our evolution has been quite successful. I do believe that we have reached enough of a critical mass in abundant consciousness for us to be beautifully poised on the edge of creating a template for an abundant New World in consciousness. 
Each and every one of us on the planet at this time serves a crucial and vital role.  You are very, very important and the world needs your magnificence now!
My intention for this site is for it to serve as a portal for some of the latest information about personal growth, consciousness expansion and deliberate co-creation.
I have taught and shared all of the resources available on this site for the last 10 years.  Over the years my work has been my source of income and I have taught many others to do the same.  In the last year or so, it has begun to feel somehow “incorrect” to charge people for this information.  I see my role more as a facilitator of your Divine Memory, than as your teacher.  This information belongs to all of us.
Because of this and because I also understand that one of the symptoms of vibrational shifting can be financial or “prosperity” struggles, I am no longer comfortable offering this information for a set fee.  Almost everything on this site is now available on a donation basis. 
If you appreciate the information, if you feel called to receive this information or if you simply want to contribute to the spreading of this information, please make a contribution that feels good and correct for you. 
And, if you are not in a position to make a contribution, or if you just really “vibe” with this site, please share this link with your Facebook Friends, your email lists, your friends and family and anyone who you think will benefit from this site.  (Thank you for your support!)

Okay.  Ready for the Grand Tour of Joyful Mission?
On the left hand side of this page is a task bar.  Let me walk you through each page so you are familiar with  the resources available on this site.
1. Let’s start first with the Donation Button at the bottom of this page.  Please donate what feels correct for you.  All amounts are suggested amounts only.  Any amount is greatly appreciated.
2. On the second page (Inside the Body of God) there is a video of me presenting an introduction to my book, Inside the Body of God at a women’s conference in Boston, MA a few years ago plus some important information thriving during “the shift”.
3. On the third page (Prosperity Boot Camp) you will see information about Prosperity Boot Camp.  Prosperity Boot Camp is an 8-week intensive training to help you master the basics of Deliberate Creation.  It is for anyone new to this information or if you just need a little boost or refresher.  Tuition is on a donation basis.
4. The fourth page (Articles and Ideas) contain a list of articles that I have written over the years during the “pre-blog” era.
5. The Upcoming Events Calendar is simply a listing of, well, upcoming events.  In the next few months, I plan on opening this calendar up to any Lightworker who has a seminar, workshop or teletraining that they are teaching.  My intention is for this site to be for all of us!
6. The Affiliate Program offers you a way to promote my products (and others not listed on this site) to your friend, your database, your social media pages, etc, in exchange for a commission for your sales.  I want to help you prosper!  Be sure to sign up as an affiliate.
7. The next two pages (E-books and Audio Courses) are books and classes that I have taught (recorded, not live) that are available on a donation basis.  Please check back regularly as I will be adding to these pages regularly.
8. Karen’s Blog is my blog.  Pretty obvious, huh?  Be sure to log on and subscribe so you can get the lastest posts.  Also, while you’re there, add me as your Facebook Friend and/or Twitter Pal.
9. The Podcast page is a collection of audio classes, interviews and radio shows that I have done and hosted with a lot of amazing people over the years.  Enjoy!
10. The Live Event Video is an online video (approx 2.5 hours long) of a live workshop that I recently taught in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my Divine Brother, Jim Tree-Gilmore.  I think you’ll enjoy it!  (We had a lot of fun!)
11. The Videos page is just a collection of misc. YouTube videos we’ve created over the years.  I’m hoping to add more of these soon.  My whole family (me and five kids) had fun getting in on the action.
12. The About Karen is my biography, in case you are curious about who and I am why I do what I do.
13. The Services page gives you a listing of the private services that I offer for a set fee.  I do not have a lot of openings for private sessions as I am diligently working to grow my publishing company.  However, I know that sometimes you just need a few minutes to talk to someone to get clarity or to know you’re not alone.  So, I have partnered with Keen.com and created a live listing.  You will see a button on the Services Page (looks like this)
I will keep a phone line open for spontaneous calls in the evenings during the week and anytime I have an opening in my schedule.  When I am available to take calls, the button will say “Call Now”.  In order to be able to call me, you have to register with Keen.com.  It’s free.  But, you need to register with them because they are handling all the details like the phone line and the payment.  It only takes a few minutes to register.  To register, just click on the button above.  Of course, if you want to set an appointment, simply make a payment using the Paypal Button on the Services Page and I will set up your appointment at a time that works for both of us.
14. The last page is an invitation for you to join us for a weekly, global co-creative event.  Once a week at varying times and days, we will be coming together to meditate and hold space for an Abundant New World.  This is a powerful way for us to affect change on the planet and start to create, in form, what we want to be living on this planet NOW!  Please sign up for weekly updates, as well as specific information for this week’s current meditation.  All meditations (and free teleclasses) are recorded so if you cannot attend live, you may always listen in later.
That’s it for now!  I intend for this site to continue to grow and expand.  I hope that this is enough to get your started.  I have a lot of ideas and intentions about how I want to grow this and I welcome your feedback and ideas!  Please send them to  Karen@joyfulmission.com
Thank you for stopping by!  Please bookmark this page so you can refer to it often and feel free to share it, if you feel so inspired! 
Thank you for being your Magnificent Self and thank you for the beautiful, unique role you play in the evolution of the planet and consciousness!